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Slash youth from Madagascar pursues dreams in Wuhan | 马达加斯加的“斜杠青年”在汉逐梦青春

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2022-11-28 17:33 来源: ChangjiangWeekly

  Life in Wuhan is quite busy for Mino Fifaliana from Madagascar. Apart from studying, Fifaliana participates in many conferences and activities. Meanwhile, she runs a restaurant in her hometown far away from Wuhan and is also responsible for the daily operation of the Association of Malagasy in Wuhan (AMW). Fifaliana enjoys her busy but full life. This is how she integrates and understands the Wuhan and Chinese cultures and tells more people about the story of Wuhan and China.


  Attending International Cultural Festival of HUST Photo by Xia Junjun

  Love for Wuhan

  eginning with cuisine yet beyond cuisine


  Fifaliana's husband comes from a family of Chinese immigrants to Madagascar from Guangdong province, with the skills of cooking Cantonese cuisine having been passed down from generation to generation.


  Fifaliana, fond of Chinese food, started a Chinese restaurant "WAI MAN" with her family, mostly offering Cantonese meals. She was in charge of market research, advertising, and marketing. "We hope more local residents will come to know about Chinese food and fall in love with it."

  爱上中国菜的米诺,和家人一起开了一家名叫“WAI MAN”的中餐厅,主要经营粤式餐点等,米诺主要负责餐厅的市场调查和广告营销。“我们希望能让更多当地居民了解中国菜,像我们一样爱上中国菜。”

  In Wuhan, Fifaliana never loses sight of her original aspiration. In the short video contest "The Amazing Taste of China" held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Fifaliana earnestly recommended the Chinese chicken soup and jiaozi and shared the story of how she learned to make these. She remarks, "Dining is an exquisite experience and lifestyle for Chinese people, and Chinese cuisine has the power to heal pain."

  在武汉,米诺也在践行这一初心。在华中科技大学举行的“The Amazing Taste of China”短视频大赛中,米诺强烈推荐了香菇鸡汤和饺子,并分享了自己学习制作这些美食背后的故事。她说:“用餐是中国人一种精致的生活方式,中国美食拥有治愈的能力。”

  "Living in Wuhan, I realize that its beauty is far more than what is presented in pictures and videos online," she said emotionally. Besides delicious food, she discovers more: hospitable people, ever-changing urban infrastructure, and economic development driven by scientific and technological innovation. "The city has a long history and a promising future, and it is constantly moving forward."


  Having fun at Optics Valley Photo provided by Fifaliana

  Rich Experience

  travelling across Hubei to live a colorful life


  Whether it is in her home country Madagascar or in Wuhan, Fifaliana lives a wonderful life of "slash youth" (a nickname for those who are unfraid to explore and take on multiple roles and identities). In Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, Fifaliana started a fashion store online, while in Wuhan she served as the vice chairperson and then became the chairperson of the AMW, explaining how to apply for scholarships in China to Madagascan students in Wuhan, and collecting donations for Madagascan anti-epidemic organizations in early 2020.


  Fifaliana knows all about the best places to eat and play in Hubei. She has witnessed the magnificent Three Gorges Dam, visited the beautiful Enshi Grand Canyon, tasted the flavors of Xianning snacks, and worked as a legal adviser in an educational institution in Huangshi for some time to gain a better understanding of this "city of mining and metallurgy."


  In recent years, Fifaliana has begun to pay attention to the development of the "Wuhan Metropolitan Area," believing it plays a leading role in many fields such as industry, transportation, education, finance and tourism. Now the easy journey to and from cities in the "Wuhan Metropolitan Area" triggers Fifaliana's expectation for a trip to more cities nearby.


  Quality Education

  appreciating Wuhan's international education


  First a student at Wuhan University and now a doctoral candidate at HUST, Fifaliana has been studying in Wuhan since 2010.


  Taking HUST as an example, Fifaliana introduced the specific measures aimed to improve education for overseas students taken by universities in Wuhan. "HUST not only offers high-quality classroom teaching but provides many platforms for us to understand Chinese culture, geography, and history. In addition, we can attend many international conferences and forums to make our voices heard so that we can elevate ourselves comprehensively."


  At the World Youth Development Forum held in July this year, Fifaliana met online with 2,000 young people from more than 100 countries and expressed her views on "quality education." At the International Civil Society Solidarity Conference on the Global Development Initiative in August, she listened to the speeches made by leaders and experts from many countries. These conferences enable her to associate with professionals for an exchange of innovative ideas and expertise.


  This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of HUST. After attending some celebrations of the university, Fifaliana felt inspired by those outstanding international alumni who transferred to important posts. She said, "I hope in the near future I can become one of them, contributing to cooperation and exchanges between China and Madagascar so that my alma mater will be proud of me."


  (Edited by Ye Shiyu)